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What are doctors doing differently to help their patients?

Inside your PDF you will discover:

1. How a doctor’s prescription can be fun

2. Inexpensive ways to improve your health

3. A surprising scent that can improve your emotional health

4. How a forest “bath” can reduce stress-related hormone levels

5. The immediate effect of “blue space” on your body

By reading Tucson Fit Trip, you will discover how you can improve your health without wasting a lot of time and spending a lot of money.

Smith and Stones’ vision for Desert Lynx Publishing is to provide a place for new or seasoned authors to showcase their books. Books that provide helpful information to readers “Links to The World.”

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About Authors Smith & Stone

Nancy Smith & Opal Stone are sisters. They grew up on a farm in Ohio, where they developed their love for nature, horses, and pets. Their family moved to Tucson, Arizona, and the sisters fell in love with the Sonoran Desert

Opal Stone

Both sisters travel RV style when they are out and about promoting their books. Smith & Stone have adventurous spirit and loves to explore the outdoors. After working as a registered nurse in various settings for more than 20 years, Opal went back to school to earn a master's degree in nursing education. Opal feels she can best teach through writing. She writes about travel, the RV lifestyle, healthcare, and the nursing profession.

Nancy Smith

Nancy lives on a homestead on an acre of land in Tucson. After earning an English degree, she worked in education for more than 20 years. Nancy went back to school to earn a master's degree in energy management. She enjoys helping writers become authors. She writes about the craft of writing, homesteading, and pets.

Both sisters believe in the health benefits of nature and are currently collaborating on a series of books.

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Avoid the heartache of leaving your dog behind when you plan a road trip. Your dog sniffs the suitcase by the front door. He knows what that means. He is so overjoyed to go somewhere with you. When you grab your car keys, he leaps for joy. At the last minute, he realizes you’re going without him. He whimpers, whines, and cries like his heart is broken. He's pleading with his eyes, "Can I go, too?" You feel guilty. You hate leaving him behind, but you think that it’s just not practical to travel with a dog.

This Guide will help you find a dog-friendly parks near you! There are over 185+ parks in Tucson. This guide will show you which parks have off-leash dog parks, which parks are great places to walk your dog on a leash and the parks where dogs are not allowed. You will also find the parks in alphabetical order in the Index at the back of the book. The parks are listed in the table of Contents by the area of town they are located in. In the Table of Contents, you will find the parks that have off-leash dog parks indicated by the icons .

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